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Top 10 Core Data Tools and Libraries

06 August 2014

I wrote an article for about the top 10 Core Data tools:

Core Data is a great choice for persisting and querying data in your iOS and OSX apps. Not only can it reduce memory usage and improve performance, but it can also save you from writing a lot of unnecessary boilerplate code. In addition, the Core Data API is extremely flexible, which allows it to be used in a myriad of apps, all with different data storage requirements. However, this flexibility means that sometimes Core Data can be slightly difficult to work with. Even if you’re a Core Data guru, there’s still a lot of mundane tasks required, and a lot of room to make silly errors. Luckily, there are a lot of great tools that can help you out and make Core Data significantly easier to work with. Here are our top 10 picks that you should know and love!