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I'm an engineer, developer, author, hacker, creator, tinkerer, traveler, snowboarder, surfer, and husband.

I create iOS apps professionally and independently.

Time Tech blog's Smartwatch Report Card

12 September 2013

I was recently quoted in the Time Tech blog's Smartwatch Report Card:

Time flies in the tech world. Just three years ago, tablets were a niche product and 3D television was the Next Big Thing (proverbial copyright: Samsung). Today, tablets are standard, and 3D is just about dead. This brings us to smartwatches: tech revolution or just another fad?

“Smartwatches will appeal to the masses in the near future,” argues Matthew Morey, a senior iOS developer at Chaione who has worked with the Pebble SDK. “[But for now] there are still issues, such as short battery life and lack of processing power, that are currently limiting the market to early adopters.”