Matthew Morey

I'm an engineer, developer, author, hacker, creator, tinkerer, traveler, snowboarder, surfer, and husband.

I create iOS apps professionally and independently.

Useful Xcode Build Phases

24 January 2014

Xcode Build Phases for improving code quality

Interview with Mr. Noobie on Tech Talk

10 December 2013

Interview on wearable technology

Automated email backup with getmail and launchd

10 December 2013

Backup email automatically

NSManagedObjectContext save error

05 December 2013

When a save fails, you should abort

iPhreaks podcast on Core Data

03 December 2013

Guest appearance on iPhreaks show

Tools for Core Data

24 November 2013

Measure first, make specific changes, and validate

Core Data performance is a balance

17 November 2013

Like most things, a fast Core Data implementation is a balance

New Opportunities with wearable technology

07 November 2013

As the Pebble watch and other wearable devices become ubiquitous new opportunities for innovative user interaction and functionality are being created.