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AltConf 2014 talks you should attend

26 May 2014

Unfortunately I will not be attending WWDC this year but I will be in San Francisco all week working, hanging out with friends, and attending AltConf. The whole AltConf schedule looks great but here are some talks that I'm really looking forward to:


  • Brent Simmons (14:45 - 15:15) - Implementing Sync In Vesper: After following his great Vesper Sync series I'm hoping his talk serves as a great summary and wrap up.
  • Dave Wiskus (15:15 - 15:45) - Thoughts on Design within HIGs: The HIG often feels restrictive but those restrictions usually keep us from creating sub-par user experiences. As our community matures I expect to see more designs that push the boundaries of what the HIG says is good design. I often forget the HIG is full of guidelines not rules, maybe Dave's talk will serve as a good reminder.


  • Boris B├╝gling (13:00 - 13:30) - Extending Xcode: I'm currently doing a 30 day AppCode trial run but I'm fairly certain I will always have Xcode open when doing Cocoa development. Anything that improves the time I spend in Xcode is worth checking out.
  • Mark Pauley (13:30 - 14:00) - The Real Power of BLE: I'm still waiting for a real world application of BLE or iBeacons that impresses me. Maybe Mark has something to show me?


  • Sam Marshall (14:00 - 14:30) - Insecure Code: NSA, Target, Heartbleed, and so on, security is important. Do right by your users, attend this talk.
  • Mikey Ward (15:45 - 16:15) - XPC What I Did There?: Mikey is a great teacher and I don't know much about XPC so this is a logical choice for me.


  • Michele Titolo (14:45 - 15:15) - Demystifying The .xcodeproj File: The more you know about your tools the stronger engineer you will be.


  • Philippe Casgrain (10:00 - 10:30) - Fostering a Local Development Community: I have started helping out with the San Diego iOS Meetup and could use all the advice I can get. I'm a Cocoa developer partly because of the wonderful community we have, lets keep it strong.
  • Jonathan Rhyne (13:30 - 14:00) - TBA: I attended his talk at last years 360iDev and picked up some great legal information about liability, contracts, and working with friends.
  • Thomas Engel (14:00 - 14:30) - Volunteering and Tackling World Problems with Your Skills: I have never used my Cocoa skills in a volunteering capacity but I do think it is important. Hopefully Thomas will help me find some new volunteering opportunities.

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