Matthew Morey

I'm an engineer, developer, author, hacker, creator, tinkerer, traveler, snowboarder, surfer, and husband.

I create iOS apps professionally and independently.

Interface Builder or UIAppearance

16 November 2014

Interface Builder or UIAppearance, its a tough decision

Core Data by Tutorials: iOS 8 and Swift Edition

15 October 2014

Take control of your data in iOS apps using Core Data, Appleā€™s powerful object graph and persistence framework.

Top 10 Core Data Tools and Libraries

06 August 2014

A list of the top 10 core data tools and libraries, making it even easier to work with Core Data.


31 July 2014

A configurable chart that depicts the value of a measurement using a subtle animation.

NSColorList for iOS

11 July 2014

We need a way to share colors between Interface Builder and code