Matthew Morey

I'm an engineer, developer, author, hacker, creator, tinkerer, traveler, snowboarder, surfer, and husband.

I create iOS apps professionally and independently.

WatchKit by Tutorials

23 February 2015

WatchKit by Tutorials teaches you everything you need to know to make your own apps for the Apple Watch.

WatchKit Bug Reports (Radars)

18 December 2014

WatchKit bugs and feature requests

Interface Builder or UIAppearance

16 November 2014

Interface Builder or UIAppearance, its a tough decision

Core Data by Tutorials: iOS 8 and Swift Edition

15 October 2014

Take control of your data in iOS apps using Core Data, Appleā€™s powerful object graph and persistence framework.

Top 10 Core Data Tools and Libraries

06 August 2014

A list of the top 10 core data tools and libraries, making it even easier to work with Core Data.


31 July 2014

A configurable chart that depicts the value of a measurement using a subtle animation.

NSColorList for iOS

11 July 2014

We need a way to share colors between Interface Builder and code

Core Data Batch Updates

10 June 2014

With iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite batch updates of attributes is possible